homage to life

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homage to life

Insights of Survivors of Auschwitz

A film about courage, resistance and the indestructible dignity
of the human spirit by Christa Spannbauer and Thomas Gonschior

Esther Bejarano, singer, 88, Hamburg:
“Solidarity played a big role in all concentration-camps.
The support which we gave each other enabled us to keep on living.”

Yehuda Bacon, painter, 83, Jerusalem:
“Whoever has been in hell knows that there is no alternative to goodness.”

Éva Pusztai-Fahidi, author, 87, Budapest:
In those of us who returned from Auschwitz, the life force is very deep.
We know how valuable life is.

Greta Klingsberg, singer, 83, Jerusalem:
“To have survived is no particular distinction.
It all depends on what you then do with it.”